Acoustical and SCIF Doors and Windows
Krieger's wood and metal acoustical doors and sound control windows, are used in premier live performance venues and industrial applications where noise and sound control is of primary concern.

Our SCIF compliant acoustical door assemblies are manufactured for your defense related needs; including JUIAF & DCID 6/9 & ICPM 2—6-700-7.
STC Ratings
Door Assemblies:
Up to STC-55, metal and wood veneer

Up to STC-56
Test and Certification
ASTM E1408
ASTM A 1008
DCID 6/9
ICPM 2006-700-7
(Cold-rolled steel sheet, commercial quality)
Fire Labels and Positive Pressure
Metal Doors up to 3 Hours:
Certified in accordance with UL 10C, UBC 7-2, UBC 7-4 250º, 450º, 650º temperature rise, up to 3 hours UL 10C

Smoke Labels: Metal doors up to 3 hours

Wood doors up to 60 Minutes:
U/L Labels: Smoke, 20, 45 and 60 minutes
Performance Combinations
KriegerSonic's acoustical doors and other sound control products can be manufactured for multiple performance requirements including bullet resistance, blast resistance, radio frequency shielding or any combination thereof.

Get an Included Bullet Resistant Rating
Acoustical Rating
Bullet Resistance
STC 45 - 48
UL Level 1 & 2
STC 49 - 53
UL Level 3
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Acoustical doors are available in flush design or with vision lights and as single or pairs of hinged doors, including single or bi-parting horizontal sliding doors. All assemblies are available manual or power operated.

Frame Configuration
Krieger offers standard frame designs and can engineer special frame profiles to complement wall construction and architectural style.

Door, frame, perimeter sound seals, and door bottom are supplied as part of the complete tested assembly.
Krieger acoustical doors are delivered as complete, performance guaranteed acoustical assemblies with seals, hinges, and threshold included. Our designs also interface with the locks and accessory hardware you have chosen for your project.

Additionally, Cam Lift Hinges and an aluminum threshold are included with high STC rated assemblies.

Learn more about the Cam Lift Hinges.
Tested and certified acoustical glass or fire rated glass and glazing materials are available.
Standard and custom sizes available. No limits.
We can match any finish or create a custom look. Your options are endless.

Wood veneer interior acoustical doors may be finish-sanded, primed, sealed with conversion synthetic sealer or completely prefinished prior to shipping.

Stainless steel finishes can be embossed, patterned, etched, bead blasted and colored. Bronze, brass, copper, and plastic laminate finishes are also available.

View sample finish options.
Installation Services
Certified installers are trained on best practices and techniques to ensure Krieger's special purpose doors and windows are installed properly.

See Krieger's Certified Installers.
Common Applications
Recording Studios
Theme Parks
Radio Stations
Post Production Studios
Television Broadcasting
Music Classrooms
Control Rooms
Live Performance Venues
Test Cells
Projector Booths
Mechanical Rooms
Court Rooms
Corporate Offices
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Made in the USA